Comodo EV SSL Certificate

Comodo EV SSL Certificate

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Comodo EV SSL 

This SSL certificate is designed specially for enterprises and medium e-commerce websites. It improves your site’s Google/SEO rankings while encrypting sensitive information; the “Green Lock”. Applicants must have a registered sole proprietorship or a company in order to pass the verification.

This SSL will make the browser have a green bar and display your company name: 


End-user Warranty: $1,750,000 USD

Secures: One Domain 

Server Licensing: Unlimited

Supported Web-browsers: 99.3

Secures both with/without 'www.': Yes

Verification: Extended Validation

Documents: Extended Company Documents Required  *

Issue Time: 1 to 10 Days *

Key Encryption: RSA 2048bit

Hash Function: SHA2: SHA256

Certificate Encryption: Up to 256-bit

Trust level: 4/5 Stars

Site Seal Type: Dynamic

Duration/Period: 1 Year

If you would like us to personally install your new SSL Certificate, please click here to order our SSL Installation Service.

* In some cases, the SSL issuance process requires an additional 72 hours for manual data verification. 

* In order to get issued this SSL Certificate, you must provide proof that the company you are registering is a legally and lawfully-formed organization.

Please upload at least one copy of any of the acceptable documents below with your order or email after purchase.

Acceptable Documents Include:

·        Business License/Certificate

·        Certificate of Incorporation

·        Business Registration Certificate

·        Certificate of Existence with Status in Good Standing

·        Certificate/Articles of Organization

·        Public Records Filing for a New Business Entity

·        Certificate of Formation

·        Certificate of Assumed Business Name

·        Trade Name Renewal Form

·        Trade Name Registration Form

·        Fictitious Business Name Statement

·        Statement of Partnership Agreement

·        General Excise Tax License      

·        Zoning Permit

·        Transaction Privilege Tax License     

·        Sellers Permit

·        Sales & Use Tax Permit

·        Restatement and Revision of Partnership Agreement

·        Privilege License

·        Organization Action in Writing of Incorporation

·        Occupational Tax Certificate/License

·        Notary Public Identification Card

·        Merchant's Certificate of Registration

·        Filing receipt

·        Filing endorsement   

·        Employer Identification Number Application

·        Declaration of Proprietorship or Partnership Registration

·        Corporation Estimated Tax Form

·        Corporation Annual Report

·        Corporate Charter   

·        Certificate/Articles of Amendment

·        Certificate of Withholding Identification Number

·        Certificate of Payment of Business Tax

·        Certificate of Ownership for Unincorporated Business or Profession

·        Certificate of Exempt Status

·        Certificate of Change of Resident Agent and/or Location of Registered Office

·        Certificate of Authority

·        Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment by Resident Agent

In certain situations, more than one form of identification may be necessary to validate your business. A Habib Design Account Manager will contact you and assist you with the process within 48 to 72 hours after purchase.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help choosing the right SSL Certificate to meet your needs.

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